party for the planet 2013

ART Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The Cincinnati Zoo held their Party for the Planet event a couple weeks ago and the rain barrel turnout was great. There was a small reception for the participants where Kara had a chance to mingle with some colleagues in the environmental world and I had a chance to get caught up with one of my former art teachers. It was a great opportunity to admire some of the other barrels, mingle with some of the artists and creators of the projects and have some free beer.  After the reception all of the barrels were moved out to the Go Green Garden, where they were auctioned off. I’m proud to say ours did receive at least one bid.

I tried to get as many pictures of the barrels as I could but I know I only have about half of them photographed. The Party for the Planet event also included live music and the tulips were in full bloom, so I included some extra photographs I took of the scenery. Thanks to all of my friends who came to the event and for those who couldn’t, enjoy these pictures.


barrels20 barrels19 barrels18 barrels17

barrels16 barrels15 barrels14 barrels13

barrels12 barrels11 barrels10 barrels9

barrels8 barrels7 barrels6 barrels5

barrels4 barrels3 barrels2


tulips1 tulips2 tulips3 tulips4

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  1. Ava

    Wow. The pictures turned out great! Some of the barrels really were well done. And the tulips look amazing. Thanks for posting :)

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